Wednesday, 25 January 2017

End of Chapter 1 out of 6


It's 2017, yeah its been a long time I'm not updating my blog due busy of my studies and a lot of things. Lagipun ada orang ke sudi nak baca? 👀😋 So today actually I'm on semester break until March. Alhamdulilah sedar tak sedar already past 4 moths to end my 1st semester. Yes, now I'm in Bachelor Park & Amenity Management. As I mentioned in my previous entry I applied for this course in 2nd place. And Alhamdulilah masih ada quota and yeah I'm a student. So in this entry, i will talk a little bit about my course and subject that I learnt in 1st semester.

What's Park & Amenity Management?
Actually this course under Faculty Architecture Planning and Surveying and what special about this course it is only in UiTM Shah Alam, yes the main campus of all UiTM 💃 this course takes about 3 years study and the total is 6 semesters. When you graduate after 3 years study you can work in Government sector or Private sector as well as local authority. Pendek kata hang boleh kerja bahagian kawasan perumahan ke, golf field, design as well.

Oh! There's something the one of special about this course is all part 1 student in this course must attend MMT stands for Minggu Mesra Taman every semester will handle by exco. In my, MMT was handle in Gua Batu Pale, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. It was the first experience I entered the cave and it's really awesome 😀

What you going to learn in the 1st semester?
To be honest, I think that course have taken literally many subjects.Tota subject only for 1st semester is 9. Unpredictable. How can I handle all these subjects still with status 'junior'? But, InshaAllah all helps from lecturers and seniors you can handle it step by step.

1. Fundamental Park & Amenity
2. Recreation & Leisure
3. Information Computer Technology
4. Plant Material
5. Art & Design Appreciation
6.First level third language ( mine took German)
8. Ko-curriculum
9. Engish ( The Art of Public Speaking)

Compare to another curse they just took around 6-7 subjects but the credit hours is insane. The maximum was 5credit hours. Fiuhhh. So in this course the total credit hours is 23hours.

So that's all this for this entry if have any question you can comment down below and I will reply inshAllah.

Thank you for those staying with me until 2017 💝